MWC 2020 - 50 % Refund of Registration Fee and Lodging Deposits Information

Lodging Deposit Refunds

Skiers that booked lodging and paid a 30% Lodging Deposit via the MWC2020 Organizing Committee are eligible for a refund of the Deposit and any additional pre-payments towards lodging. This per March announcements from the Cogne OC.

The refund process has been unfortunately delayed several weeks due to the ongoing pandemic and resulting suspensions of activities by the Italian government. However, WMA has learned that office work should resume as of Monday, 11 May and refunds will follow in subsequent weeks.

If you booked your MWC2020 lodging via a national group, please immediately contact your nation’s National Director for more information on the refund process for your group. If you booked your MWC2020 lodging directly via the MWC2020 Organizing Committee, from 11 May please contact the O.C. directly at <> to make individual arrangements for refunds.

If it is not possible to make refunds direct to your payment credit card, you will need to provide complete bank transfer information. Please note that any bank or processing fees are for the account of the skier or booking group.

Entry Fee 50% Refunds

Due to the unfortunate cancellation of the MWC2020 due to force majeure caused by the ongoing COVID-19 virus pandemic, all paid registered skiers of the MWC2020 are eligible for a 50% refund of entry fees. Please note that any bank or processing fees incurred in the process of refunding 50% of the entry fee will be for the account of the participant.

Skiers that paid for race registration online via Datasport should already have been contacted by your individual National Director as to how the refund process is handled within your nation. Please contact your National Director directly if you do not already have your 50% refund.

Skiers from nations not listed on the active National Director page are asked to contact WMA directly to provide individual bank transfer information for your 50% entry fee refund.

Skiers that paid for race registration directly to the Cogne MWC2020 Organizing Committee via either a national association or individually (this only applies to skiers from certain nations) should contact your National Director or the WMA for refund information.