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Association for Masters Cross-Country Skiers

WMA was formed in February 1982 as a worldwide association for masters cross-country skiers. The Association provides a common international platform for top competitive skiers as well as for those who simply enjoy racing, regardless of the ranking.

Yearly Masters World Cups

Foundation for the yearly organized and Masters World Cups called events has been layed by the Canadian Bill Gairdner in Uppsala when he proposed the founding of a worldwide masters association. This announcement became executed during a meeting in Zürich on June 13, 1982. The representatives of 14 skiing nations concluded the foundation of “The World Masters Cross-Country Ski Association”, called WMA.

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Current & future Masters World Cups
Current & future Masters World Cups
Vuokatti/FIN awarded with Masters World Cup 2024

23 March 2022     The Board of The World Masters Cross-Country Ski Association has unanimously decided in a video conference in March to return back to Finland in 2024.

The Organizing Committee was very pleased becoming awarded again after 2016. The MWC is scheduled for February 9-16.

Masters World Cup 2023 again in Seefeld/AUT

25 January 2021    WMA has received an application from the organisers of the Tartu Ski Marathon, Estonia, for MWC 2023. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic situation, bidders from Otepää had to withdraw their application for 2023 and to postpone it until a later year to be determined.

Fortunately, the SC Monte Kaolino Hirschau, Germany, a well-known cross-country skiing organiser in Bavaria, jumped in at short notice. The experienced team already organized the MWC with 1070 participants in Seefeld/AUT in 2003. In 2023, the MWC will once again be carried out on the varied Seefeld cross-country skiing track net. Proposed date is March 18-24.

News & Events
News & Events
Polish XC Masters Association founded
20 October 2022     After long and difficult efforts, we have succeeded in establishing an association representing the Masters cross-country skiing community in Poland: "Polish XC Masters", which we call shortly "PXCM". The association has the honor of working closely with the international cross-country skiing association founded in 1982: "The World Masters Cross-Country Ski Association", Continue reading »
Continue reading »
Annual Meeting 2022 in Vuokatti/FIN
3 October 2022 From Sept. 29 until Oct. 2 the Annual Meeting of WMA as well as the inspection of the event place of MWC 2024 took place in Vuokatti/FIN. After 2016 the MWC returns back to to Vuokatti. Continue reading »