About us
„The World Masters Cross-Country Ski Association"


WMA was formed in February 1982 as a worldwide association for masters cross-country skiers. The Association provides a common international platform for top competitive skiers as well as for those who simply enjoy racing, regardless of the ranking.


Angesprochen werden nicht nur Spitzensportler, die auch im Alter noch den Ehrgeiz besitzen, grosse Leistungen zu erzielen, sondern auch Freizeitsportler, bei denen die Gesundheit und der Drang nach Bewegung im Vordergrund stehen und für die die Platzierung keine Rolle spielt.

Representation of WMA:

WMA is composed of a President, three Vice Presidents and a Secretary/Treasurer as well as Director for each member country.

Each member including the Honorary Presidents have a vote in the Annual Meeting.

Targets are:

To cooperate with all National Ski Federations and F.I.S.

To promote masters cross-country skiing worldwide.

To support the National Directors in organizing National Championships and

To support the Organizing Committees in the planning and realization period.

Co-operation with F.I.S.

Between F.I.S. and WMA an Affiliation Agreement has been signed.

Masters World Cup

Once a year the Masters World Cup, the in-official world championships, are being organized.
Information about the participation at a Masters World Cup:

Age limit

Male and female Masters competitors must have reached their 30th birthday on the 31st December of the preceding year.

Age Classes

12 age classes between 30 and 85 years and above in five-years age groups


classic or freestyle

Individual Competitions

all athletes can participate in any three races of their choice: short, medium and long
distance. The distances are 5, 10, 15, 30 and 45 k.


4 x 5 k for men and women (2 legs classical/2 freestyle)

Requirements on the Tracks

are regulated in the Rules of Competition of WMA and fully sanctioned by F.I.S.