In Memory of Ola Kvaale

With deep regret The World Masters Cross-Country Ski Association has to announce the passing away of one of the most successful skiers in their history. Ola Kvaale participated at many Masters World Cup and could win more than 30 medals. The likeable sportsman from Norway skied the classical technique to perfection. His competitors from various country will certainly miss this great athlete.

Our thoughts are with his wife Eva and the family.In memory of Ola Kvaale the Norwegian Ski Veteraner composed the following epitaph: Ola Almar Kvaale died 5th August 2017, 76 years old. His family and the rest of us have lost a person with unique characteristics and spirit. The cancer decease was mortal.He was born in Orkdal in Trøndelag county, Norway, where he had his heart his whole life, despite of the fact that education, jobs and activities lead him to other parts of the country.

Most of his working life he and his family spent in Selsbakk, and he represented Selsbakk sports club. As a young man, he managed to get theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of what was going to be his profession. First as sports-officer at Ørland (Trøndelag), later as leader of education in South-Trøndelag sports community. From 1981 until he retired he was advicer in Norway’s handball society. His skills combined with winning being, contributed to great wealth creation, to footprint and gratitude in the whole county. Also, nationally his contribution was used and highly appreciated.

He was a good singer and musician. The harmonica was a faithful companion, especially when he was young. It followed him the whole life. Socially it was a pleasure to experience Ola in good mood spreading pleasure with his music.In his farm in Hoston (also Trøndelag county) he created a place of gathering for the whole family. Friends met there and experienced hospitality and warmth as wished by Ola.

His beloved Eva and the rest of the family contributed to the same. Those of us who took part in Ola’s 75 years birthday, which was celebrated with family and friends, have a memory for life.

In masters (veteran) sports, and especially XC skiing, he leaves a name admired both nationally and internationally. The Birkebeiner ski race throughout the last 30 years and Masters World Cup must be stressed here. He was a unique competitor when the bib was on his chest. Quality in preparation and implementation was always on top, as well as the motivation.In his whole life, he was a modest person who gave very much of himself, parted his knowledges and created an environment (ambiance) where we all had a good time. Ola gave so much to his surroundings without accentuating himself.Now our thoughts first go to his wife and children and other family. We just must accept that Ola now has passed away.

Thank you for the inspiration and joy you have given us!

May you rest in peace!