Interesting Innovations at MWC 2019
Technical Zones and Arrow Start

During their Annual Meeting in Cogne/Italy, WMA Member of the Board decided for two innovations for MWC 2019 in Beitostølen:

- implementing of so called «Technical Zones» during all the Classic distances on all laps during MWC 2019 (decision will be exclusively made by Race Jury) and

- testing out arrow start in all competitions.

Here are the specific rules from the FIS:

Technical Zones:

310.2 Technique Definitions

310.2.1 The jury may ban or enforce the use of specific techniques on marked sections of the course. All infractions will be reported to the jury.

310.2.2 Classical Technique

310.2.2.1 Classical technique includes the Diagonal Stride techniques, the double poling with or without diagonal kick, herringbone without a gliding phase and turning techniques.

310.2.2.2 Diagonal Stride technique is comprised of alternating diagonal movements of both arms and legs and includes diagonal stride and herringbone techniques without a gliding phase. In diagonal technique only one or no pole is in the ground at any time.

310.2.2.3 Turning techniques comprise of steps with the inner ski and pushes with the outer ski in order to change skiing direction. The sections of the course where turning techniques are allowed must be clearly marked.

310.2.2.4 Where there are one or more set tracks, repeatedly changing or stepping in and out of tracks is not allowed.

310.2.2.5 Single or double-skating is not allowed.




Arrow Start: 

315.3 Mass Start Procedure

315.3.1 The Mass Start should be carried out using angled start lines in shape of an arrow. This means that the athlete with start number 1 has the most favorable start position followed by start number 2 etc. Each competitor should be separated by a fixed distance interval. Number one will be in the middle position; even numbers are placed on the right and odd numbers on the left side of the arrow. The numbering mark should be placed to the right or in the middle of the track.

315.3.2 The starting procedures for a Mass Start will begin two minutes before the start signal. At this time instructions about the start will be given to all competitors assembled in their start lanes. These instructions should end with the competitors being instructed to stand at their start positions and a “one minute to start warning” is given. Next there will be the command “30 seconds to start”. When all competitors are motionless then the next sound will be the start command or signal.

315.3.3 Competitors are not allowed to change tracks within marked corridors the first 30-50 m after the start line.