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The World Masters Cross-Country Ski Association

Association for Masters Cross-Country Skiers

WMA was formed in February 1982 as a worldwide association for masters cross-country skiers. The Association provides a common international platform for top competitive skiers as well as for those who simply enjoy racing, regardless of the ranking.

Yearly Masters World Cups

Foundation for the yearly organized and Masters World Cups called events has been layed by the Canadian Bill Gairdner in Uppsala when he proposed the founding of a worldwide masters association. This announcement became executed during a meeting in Zürich on June 13, 1982. The representatives of 14 skiing nations concluded the foundation of “The World Masters Cross-Country Ski Association”, called WMA.

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Current & future Masters World Cups
Current & future Masters World Cups
Masters World Cup 2020

In 2020 Italy will host the 5th Masters World Cup. After Toblach 1991, Folgaria 1997, Brusson 2006 and Asiago 2013 the MWC is taking place in Cogne/Aostatal. In Italy the number of participants was always above 1000 and the organizers in Cogne will certainly do their utmost to attract a similar high number on the occasion of the 4th MWC. Competitions will take place between March 5 and 14, 2020. 

Masters World Cup 2021

During the Annual Meeting of WMA in September 2018 in Cogne the board members have voted unanimously for the bid from Canmore, Canada. Canmore has hosted a MWC already in 1995. Competitions will take place between March 4 and 12, 2021.


Masters World Cup 2022

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the 1992 Winter Olympics in Albertville, Les Saisies applied for the Masters World Cup 2022. The WMA delegates accepted the application unanimously. The event will take place between January 27 and February 5. This is the second Masters World Cup in France after Autrans in 2009. 

News & Events
News & Events
German Masters Championships in three Stages

German Masters Championships 2020 will be held in three stages. First part of the competitions will take place in Warmensteinach with the individual races in classical technique on February 15/16. Next stage are the marathon championships being held within the Skadi Loppet in Bodenmais on March 15. Long distance races and club relay races are  completing the championships on March 28/29 in Oberwiesenthal. 

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Otepää/EST Candidate for MWC 2023

For the Masters World Cup 2023 WMA received a preliminary bid from the very experienced organizing committee of Club Tartu Maraton, Otepää/Estonia. This would be the first time a MWC event to be held in a Baltic State. 

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180 Participants at French Masters Championships

Nearly 180 Masters participated at the French Masters Championships at the "Les Moussieres" ski resort in the Jura mountains. 

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