Annual Meeting 2018
In Cogne

September 20-23, 2018 

National Directors and Executive Board of WMA are meeting on the occasion of their Annual Meeting in Cogne, Aostatal/Italy.


Inspection of Tracks and Stadium

In addition to the Annual Meeting delegation members will visit all facilities of the Masters World Cup 2020, i.e. tracks and stadium as well as all places designated for opening and closing ceremonies, banquet and victory ceremonies. 


See various Accommodation Possibilities

Important for the National Directors are also the visits of all accommodations in the various categories allowing them to give proposals to their skiers. 


Vote for Application of Les Saisies

The members of the bidding committee of Les Saisies, France, will present their application for the MWC in 2021. 

This would be only the 2nd Masters World Cup taking place in France. First MWC was 2009 in Autrans.