Annual Meeting in Minneapolis - MWC 2019 in Beitostoelen/NOR

National Directors and Presidency of WMA met for their Annual Meeting end of September in Minneapolis/MN.

Main focus of the delegates was the inspection of the site of Masters World Cup 2018 from January 19-26. The event will be held in the Theodore Wirth Park, close to downton Minneapolis. Due to the existing terrain and some planned alterations, the athletes can expect very attractive tracks. Of advantage for the skiers is also that all can be accommodated in only a few hotels in downtown Minneapolis. The organizing committee was able to negotiate very reasonable prices for the Masters.  

Jouko Kärki, the successor of Leena Jääskeläinen, was introduced and fully ratified by vote. Leena Jääskeläinen started to work within WMA in 1991 and was since then always in charge as National Directors. She was able to accompany 4 Masters World Cups in Finnland. 

The organizers of the next Masters World Cup in Klosters/Switzerland were connected via video conference. They informed that all technical and administrative work is within their time frame, also the newbuilding of a sporthall. Homepage is ready for registration.

Unanimous vote was given to the bidders for MWC 2019. Beitostoelen, always being organizer of the first World Cup of the season,  became choosen to host 4th time (after Oslo, Geilo and Lillehammer) a MWC in Norway. 

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