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   All races completed and included


Nation NAT Gold Silver Bronze Total
Russia RUS 57 39 38 134
United States of America USA 17 16 18 51
Italy ITA 16 13 10 39
Norway NOR 16 12 13 41
Finland FIN 11 21 14 46
Switzerland SUI 11 18 17 46
Canada CAN 6 7   13
Germany GER 5 9 14 28
Sweden SWE 5 1 3 9
Austria AUT 3 2 3 8
France FRA 2 5 3 10
Estonia EST 2  1 3 6
Slovakia  SVK  2 1  1 4
Ukraine UKR 1 2 1 4
Netherlands NED   2 1 3
Czech Republic CZE     3 3
Spain ESP     1 1
Medaillen total/Medals in total   154 149 143 446


























Extensive discussions in the last days were held with FIS to avoid that new competition rule regarding pole length has to be implemented already at Masters World Cup 2017 in Klosters. Earlier given information by WMA that new rule will become valid only with MWC 2018 in Minneapolis became not accepted by FIS.

This is an information to all athletes that new competition rule 348.8.1 has to be obeyed in Klosters.

Full wording of the rule is as follows:

In classical technique competitions the maximum pole length must not exceed 83 % of the competitor`s body height. In free technique competitions, the maximum pole length must not exceed 100 % of the competitor´s height. The body height is measured with ski boots on from a flat surface, to the top of the uncovered head. The pole length is measured from the bottom of the pole to the highest attachment of the strap. All measurements will be rounded to the nearest centimeter as follows: less than 0.5 cm will be rounded down and 0.5 cm and above will be rounded up.

Please see also attached sketch.

More than 1000 cross-country skiers have registered now for MWC 2017 in Klosters/Switzerland.   

The tracks are fully prepared and in excellent conditions for training. Due to the very low temperatures in the last weeks artifical snow could be produced in order to secure competitions in March.

Registration deadline for participants is January 30.

First time in Masters history registration at forthcoming Masters World Cup in Klosters/Switzerland from February 2-11, 2017 can be also made online.

Please use following link and start searching for race in question.

Registration deadline is January 30, 2017.



National Directors and Presidency of WMA met for their Annual Meeting end of September in Minneapolis/MN.

Main focus of the delegates was the inspection of the site of Masters World Cup 2018 from January 19-26. The event will be held in the Theodore Wirth Park, close to downton Minneapolis. Due to the existing terrain and some planned alterations, the athletes can expect very attractive tracks. Of advantage for the skiers is also that all can be accommodated in only a few hotels in downtown Minneapolis. The organizing committee was able to negotiate very reasonable prices for the Masters.  

Jouko Kärki, the successor of Leena Jääskeläinen, was introduced and fully ratified by vote. Leena Jääskeläinen started to work within WMA in 1991 and was since then always in charge as National Directors. She was able to accompany 4 Masters World Cups in Finnland. 

The organizers of the next Masters World Cup in Klosters/Switzerland were connected via video conference. They informed that all technical and administrative work is within their time frame, also the newbuilding of a sporthall. Homepage is ready for registration.

Unanimous vote was given to the bidders for MWC 2019. Beitostoelen, always being organizer of the first World Cup of the season,  became choosen to host 4th time (after Oslo, Geilo and Lillehammer) a MWC in Norway. 


From 3 – 10 March 2017 more than 1000 athletes from 30 different nations meet on the Klosters slopes for the Masters World Cup.

Registration is now possible. Information regarding participation conditions, race courses and deadlines:


Who is allowed to start in Klosters?

  • Age group 1986 and older
  • Should be a member of a National Ski Association

Special Conditions

  • Participants must represent their nation of residence or the one shown in their passport.
  • Athletes who belong to a National Ski Team are not allowed to start at the MWC. 

What kind of Races are held?

  • Races in classic or free technique
  • Distances depend on age categories
  • The race fee of EUR 200.- or EUR 285.- (incl. Engadin Skimarathon) contain participation in a short, middle and long distance race and also the relays.

Special Conditions

  • It is not allowed to participate in two races featuring the same distance (free and classic).

How to register?

  • Registration with the official form (pdf) via the National Directors

Special Conditions

Registration Deadlines?

  • For MWC 2017 participation: until 30 January 2017 to the National Director
  • For MWC and Engadin Skimarathon (reduced starting fee: EUR 85.- instead of EUR 95.-): until 15 November 2016 to the National Director

Special Conditions

  • Entry fees have to be credited to the Organizing Committee by no later than January 30 2017. For payments received after January 30 2017 no registration will be made, thus no possibility to start. 
  • It is strongly advised to complete registration and payment on the same day.

Entry Fees?

  • EUR 200.- MWC 2017 participation (three individual races and relays)
  • EUR 285.- MWC 2017 and Engadin Skimarathon 2017 participation

Special Conditions

  • Bank charges occuring at the participants/senders side are for their account.
  • Bank charges occuring at the beneficiary's bank and at the intermediary bank are for account of the Organizing Committee.
  • Incorrect payments will be charged with an additional fee of Euro 20 when collecting the start number.

How to pay the entry fee?

Special Conditions

  • Online payment by credit card will be available from 8 September 2016.

For further details, we refer to the below downloadable form „Registration Masters World Cup 2017 in Klosters, Switzerland“, containing all necessary information and participation conditions/rules.

page white acrobat  Registration Masters World Cup 2017 in Klosters, Switzerland (368 KB)




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